Web3 gaming trends in 2024: Execs weigh in on blockchain gaming future

Wemade CEO Henry Chang said that as more developers gain confidence, there will be greater experimentation and more complex use of blockchain elements in games.

As Web3 gaming showed resilience despite the crypto bear market, professionals working in the space predict that the next year will be more eventful for the blockchain gaming niche. 

Henry Chang, the CEO of the South Korean game development company Wemade, believes that there will be an increase in blockchain-based games released in 2024.

“As developers gain experience and confidence, we should also see greater experimentation and sophisticated use of blockchain elements in-game mechanics and gameplay, and a wider variety of Web3 games of different genres.”

Besides the number of games coming out, Chang also suggested that more gaming studios are bound to include Web3 in their portfolio.

Chang also pointed out that gaming combined with the blockchain returns in-game asset ownership to gamers, connects the real-world economy to games and makes games interoperable by tying them into “a cohesive whole.”

Bartosz Skwarczek, the founder and CEO of G2A Capital Group, the company behind the gaming marketplace G2A, echoed many of Chang’s sentiments and said there will be more collaboration between traditional industry players and Web3 startups in 2024.

According to a press release on Nov. 16, Skwarczek’s G2A, which is a traditional game vendor, opened its own nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace focused on Web3 games.

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