Zhu Su, CEO and founder of hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), came down on Ethereum on November 22. The CEO emphasized factors that make Ethereum offputting not only to new participants but also to crypto enthusiasts. Yes I have abandoned Ethereum despite supporting it in the past. Yes EthereumContinue Reading

Coinbase has released its 3Q financial summary, highlighting key business and financial metrics, a report of the previous quarter as well as in-depth insights into the crypto market. According to Coinbase’s report, although institutions have split their interest into other crypto assets, Bitcoin and Ethereum maintain their leading positions. ThisContinue Reading

Two of Ethereum’s leading protocols, Balancer and Gnosis, have officially announced the launch of the Balancer-Gnosis-Protocol (BGP), which a new DEX developed as a result of the integration between the protocols. BGP combines the Vault architecture of Balancer V2 with Gnosis Protocol’s unique price-finding mechanism. The new DEX is availableContinue Reading

September could be a nightmare for many crypto traders and investors as Ethereum dropped by 16%. According to the records, it is the second-largest level since June. After the spectacular rally in cryptocurrency over the past 12 months, many expect that the market would experience a pullback. However the possibilityContinue Reading

UK mega bank Standard Chartered sees ETH price rising to $26,000 per token in the medium-term, although the bank thinks it could go even higher. According to its Ethereum Investor Report (PDF), the current Ethereum price is too low, and doesn’t take into account the functionality of the platform. StandardContinue Reading