SBF was almost extorted for ‘protection’ in Brooklyn jail, recalls ex-inmate

Gene Borrello, a former prisoner at MDC, told crypto blogger Tiffany Fong that Sam Bankman-Fried was targeted for his timid nature and having “the body of the 80-year-old.”

Sam Bankman-Fried was reportedly worried for his safety during his pre-trial detention time at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center and even considered paying another inmate for “protection,” according to a former inmate. 

New York mob enforcer-turned-informant Gene Borrello told crypto blogger Tiffany Fong in a Nov. 30 interview that he spent time with Bankman-Fried in the lead-up to his criminal trial.

Borrello said during his time there, other prisoners saw the former crypto mogul as timid, having “the body of the 80-year-old,” and was presumed to have access to money.

“He has the body of the 80-year-old. He has, like, no shape to him, you know what I mean?”

A prisoner reportedly attempted to make Bankman-Fried fearful to extort him for protection money, according to Borello.

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