Mysten Labs’ engineers formerly created the blockchain network on Facebook’s Diem and Novi crypto projects. Sommelier, a co-processing protocol to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, has today announced a research and development partnership with Mysten Labs to increase liquidity transaction speeds and launch smart contract applications on the CosmosContinue Reading

Efforts to expand Bitcoin’s functionality for payments, smart contracts and Web 3.0 are well underway, opening the door to wider mainstream adoption. Dfinity Foundation’s Internet Computer blockchain is bringing smart-contract capabilities to the Bitcoin (BTC) network, potentially opening the door to new use cases for the premier cryptocurrency.  Internet ComputerContinue Reading

The advent of the blockchain-driven economy is attracting a new demand for operational intelligence and monitoring services. Blockchain intelligence platform Metrika has concluded a $14 million Series A fundraiser to bootstrap the next phase of its growth strategy, further underscoring the venture capital demand for budding blockchain startups.  Metrika announcedContinue Reading

The cryptocurrency market has taken something of a battering over the past day. The Evergrande and Chinese debt crisis has sparked fears of widespread market contagion. Investors have responded by developing a growing aversion to risk assets, including cryptocurrencies. As a result, the cryptocurrency market’s total value has plunged byContinue Reading

The government agency hinted at possible additional sanctions for “financial institutions, cyber insurance firms, and companies involved in digital forensics and incident response” that facilitated ransomware payments. The United States Department of the Treasury has announced it will impose sanctions on Czech Republic and Russia-based business Suex OTC for allegedlyContinue Reading