Ethernity Chain to collaborate with Kenetic to further NFT ecosystem

The partnership is seemingly another bullish sign for a growing NFT market.

Community-oriented non-fungible token platform Ethernity Chain is partnering with Hong Kong-based crypto investment firm Kenetic Capital to expand its ecosystem.

According to an announcement today, Kenetic will support the Etherenity Chain network by expanding the development and adoption of blockchain platforms through technology, investments, and advisory services. Etherenity Chain’s non-fungible token, or NFT, platforms provide a number of exclusive tokenized artwork from prominent sports figures including skateboarder Tony Hawk and basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

“Ethernity is leading the way for next-generation NFT platforms by providing fans access to some of the most legendary figures and brands in history while solving critical UX issues for collectors,” said Kenetic co-founder Jehan Chu. “I believe NFTs are the true missing link between online and offline objects, and will transform not only art, but also business, finance, society and culture.”

Both Kenetic and Ethernity Chain have made many inroads into NFTs as the market grows in 2021. Chu purchased the .NFT domain extension for $84,000 through the Namebase marketplace in February, while Ethernity Chain announced last month it would be working with graphic artist BossLogic to launch an exclusive line of tokenized art pieces for the community.

Through the sale and promotion of unusual digital artwork and collectibles, the NFT market seems to be on an exponential growth path this year. A piece from artist Mike Winkelmann — also known as Beeple — raised more than $69 million on Christie’s auction house last month, while NFTs from prominent musicians and public figures continue to drop on a daily basis.

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