Ethereum Sets a New All-Time High Above the $2K Handle, Bitcoin Cash Markets Jump 8%

The price of ethereum tapped a new all-time high (ATH) on Friday afternoon reaching an ATH of around $2,072 around 12 p.m. (EST). Today, ethereum’s market capitalization captures 12.3% of the crypto economy’s overall $1.9 trillion market valuation. Meanwhile, as ether prices jumped over 6%, the crypto asset bitcoin cash has spiked over 8% nearing $600 per unit during the afternoon trading sessions.

Ethereum Markets Shine

  • While bitcoin (BTC) prices have been sitting just under the $60k per unit zone, a number of crypto assets are seeing strong gains. Yesterday it was dogecoin (DOGE) and filecoin (FIL) ramping up the action, but today all eyes are on ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin cash (BCH).
  • Ethereum prices touched an ATH on Friday reaching $2,072 per ether and the crypto asset has managed to stay above the $2k handle. During the last seven days, ETH is up over 20% and a whopping +165.03% during the last three months.
  • Just recently the billionaire investor Mark Cuban touted ethereum (ETH) as “the closest we have to a true currency.” “Smart contracts came along, and that created defi and NFTs. That’s what changed the game,” Cuban stressed during his interview.

Ethereum Sets a New All-Time High Above the $2K Handle, Bitcoin Cash Markets Jump 8%

  • On Friday afternoon, the top trading pairs with ethereum (ETH) include tether (USDT) capturing 48% of all trades, BTC (17.7%), USD (13.7%), BUSD (6.4%), and EUR (3.3%). The South Korean won commands 3.3% of ether trades as well on April 2.

Bitcoin Cash Raises the Bar

  • Bitcoin cash (BCH) has been nearing the $600 per BCH region and is currently just under the psychological handle at the time of publication. BCH saw an 8.42% 24-hour gain today and has captured 18.4% during the last week.
  • BCH has jumped 4.87% against BTC today, and 66.27% against the U.S. dollar over the last 90 days. In recent times, BCH has been seeing far more confirmed transactions per day as well with 356,844 during the last day, while BTC has seen 298,851.

Ethereum Sets a New All-Time High Above the $2K Handle, Bitcoin Cash Markets Jump 8%

  • Kim Dotcom has been discussing the benefits of bitcoin cash (BCH) a lot and recently discussed the subject in a Clubhouse room with a number of BTC maximalists. “I joined a Clubhouse room full of bitcoin maximalists,” Dotcom tweeted on Thursday. “I was moved on stage and asked why I support bitcoin cash. The merits of my argument were so powerful that the laser-eyed Bitcoin crowd wanted to burn it off the Internet, without success.”
  • Besides ETH and BCH, Friday’s biggest gainers include faceter (FACE) up 80.21%, insureum (ISR) up 80.08%, and PRVS gaining 71.38%. Today’s biggest losers during the last 24 hours include cryptaur (CPT) down 40.14%, PAID token down 39.54%, and spendchain (SPND) 35.51%.

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