Elon Musk says “digital god” will make AI copyright lawsuits irrelevant

The billionaire mogul also claimed that OpenAI was lying about its training methods, but interviewer Andrew Ross Sorkin may have flubbed the question.

Elon Musk made some of his boldest claims yet concerning the future of artificial intelligence (AI) during an interview with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin.

During a wide-ranging interview, Musk responded to questions concerning recent lawsuits levied against some of the billionaire’s competitors in the AI space related to alleged copyright infringement.

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“So, you think it’s a lie,” Sorkin asked Musk during the interview, “when OpenAI says that… none of these guys say that they’re training on copyrighted data.”

Musk’s response, “Yeah, that’s a lie.”

Elon Musk’s digital god

It’s unclear what Sorkin meant by his query, as OpenAI has testified in court to the effect that it does train models on copyrighted material.

Under further prodding from Sorkin, Musk dismissed the efficacy of the lawsuits by claiming that a “digital god” would make the copyright lawsuits irrelevant:

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