Quadency is a digital asset management platform that provides automated trading and portfolio management solutions for both retail and institutional traders. The platform incorporates a comprehensive range of features designed to streamline the process of trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. These include a variety of trading bots that come pre-configuredContinue Reading

It’s International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month! Phemex is always hosting new events and campaigns to its dedicated users. In this special month,  Phemex is organizing the Trade Like Her Campaign to celebrate the amazing women in our lives as well as the countless women who have made contributionsContinue Reading

Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading robot designed to help simplify the crypto trading process, and help traders of all experience levels to make the most of their trading opportunities,  maximize their profits and reduce the chance of losses. While there are a number of cryptocurrency trading bots currently available suchContinue Reading

The crypto derivatives market has seen massive amounts of volatility. There has been a rapid increase in new derivative traders wanting to take advantage of price movements in the crypto market. However, after recent frustrations in the crypto derivatives market, traders want a CFD provider they can count on andContinue Reading

Following the launch of “BTC-U Range Sniper” earlier this month, Matrixport, the digital assets financial services platform, has today announced the rollout of a new investment tool, dubbed “Auto-Invest”. This tool is expected to assist crypto long-term investors in handling market volatility and making it less challenging when trading andContinue Reading

Derivative trading has become increasingly popular, especially in the crypto market. However, there have been increasing frustrations for crypto derivative traders at exchanges and brokers, leading them to look for a new home that offers a broader range of crypto derivatives and a seamless withdrawal process. Eightcap, an award-winning broker,Continue Reading