Ethereum has powered decisively through the psychologically crucial $3,000 threshold this week as a confluence of bullish factors propels its native ETH token upwards. However, the path to fresh all-time highs won’t come easy judging by intensifying indicators of potential near-term consolidation. TLDR Ethereum’s ether (ETH) price has broken outContinue Reading

Ethena Labs recently unveiled its USDe stablecoin on the public Ethereum mainnet, introducing an alternative to existing stablecoins like USDC and UST. The synthetic US dollar asset employs sophisticated hedging mechanisms while providing enticing 27.6% APY staking rewards. However, the promise of such high yields has stirred controversy within cryptoContinue Reading

Ethereum has rallied over 20% in recent weeks, approaching the psychologically crucial $3,000 level. Propelling this surge are a mix of positive developments and speculation around Ethereum’s future potential as a mainstream investment asset. However, historical data suggests uncertainties remain about Ethereum’s ability to sustain elevated price levels. TLDR AnContinue Reading

Decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap has revealed its long-awaited v4 upgrade is slated to launch in Q3 2024. The new version will leverage Ethereum’s upcoming Dencun upgrade to optimize contract functionality and reduce gas fees. TLDR Uniswap v4 launch is slated for Q3 2024, will leverage Ethereum’s upcoming Dencun upgrade v4Continue Reading

Starknet, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution utilizing zero-knowledge proofs for low-cost transactions, has revealed that its much-anticipated STRK token airdrop will occur on February 20th. The Starknet Foundation will distribute over 1.8 billion STRK tokens, with nearly 1.3 million wallets across the greater Ethereum ecosystem eligible to partake.] TLDR StarknetContinue Reading

Dencun, the long-awaited latest upgrade to the Ethereum network, will go live in the Ethereum mainnet on March 13. The upgrade will introduce proto-danksharding, reduce transaction costs, and improve the overall performance of the network. The date of the launch was decided in a call with developers last Thursday, onlyContinue Reading

A series of recent incidents has renewed focus on what some experts call Ethereum’s “client diversity problem.” While the network itself stayed resilient through back-to-back outages caused by bugs in minority clients like Nethermind and Besu, there are growing concerns that overreliance on dominant client Geth poses a lurking threat.Continue Reading

Ether is gearing up for a major breakout year in 2024, according to market analysts. The native token of Ethereum’s market-leading smart contract blockchain stands ready to ride catalysts both technical and regulatory to outshine bitcoin’s gains this year. TLDR Ether could break out in 2024 as spot ETF narrativeContinue Reading