The U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) experienced a higher increase than anticipated in March, climbing by 0.4% over the month to reach 3.5%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the rise was primarily fueled by increases in shelter and gasoline costs. This acceleration in the inflation rate has unsettledContinue Reading

Bitcoin’s price movements on April 10, 2024, showcased a day of significant volatility, with the cryptocurrency’s value swinging between $68,207 and $70,917. Oscillators and moving averages paint a complex picture of neutrality and cautious selling signals, amidst a backdrop of a $1.35 trillion market capitalization. Bitcoin’s stance of neutrality andContinue Reading

STFIL, the Filecoin liquid staking protocol, believes its core technical team is being investigated by the Chinese police. The STFIL team said it also recently detected abnormal and unscheduled upgrades to the protocol. During the core technical team’s detention, FIL tokens worth over $22 million were transferred to an unknownContinue Reading

Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings Inc., suggested that recent spot Bitcoin ETF approvals have accelerated the market’s appreciation, typically expected post-Bitcoin halving, by attracting significant capital into the market. Thiel remarked that this shift has led to an unusual pre-halving price increase, diverging from the traditional pre-halving priceContinue Reading

Celo, a low-fee, usability-focused blockchain, has approved using Tether’s USDT, a dollar-pegged stablecoin, to pay transaction fees. The passed governance proposal stated this functionality would simplify the transaction experience for users, who only need to hold the USDT stablecoin in their wallets to move value using Celo’s network. Celo PassesContinue Reading

Economist and gold bug Peter Schiff has warned that high inflation will return with a vengeance and significant Fed rate hikes will be necessary. He also criticized JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon for downplaying the severity of the U.S. economic situation. However, he conceded that Dimon’s perspective is “a lot closerContinue Reading

PRESS RELEASE. In an unprecedented demonstration of community support and market confidence, DOP (Data Ownership Protocol) has successfully raised $162 million through its recent token sale. This remarkable achievement not only underscores DOP’s innovative approach to data ownership but also positions it among the top 10 token sales in theContinue Reading

A new analysis by Bitfinex researchers predicts a 160% surge in bitcoin’s price in the upcoming 12-14 months, potentially reaching over $150,000 per unit. This forecast, derived from historical data and statistical models related to previous Bitcoin halving events, suggests a bullish future for the world’s leading digital currency. BitfinexContinue Reading