Bitcoin is of ‘national strategic importance’ says US Space Force officer

U.S. Space Force Major Jason Lowery wants the U.S. military to prioritize the investigation of proof-of-work systems like Bitcoin for the country’s defense.

The United States needs to formally investigate using proof-of-work networks such as Bitcoin (BTC) to protect the country from cyber-inflicted warfare, according to Jason Lowery, a member of the United States Space Force.

In a four-page letter to the U.S.

“As a result, this misconception underplays the technology’s broad strategic significance for cybersecurity, and consequently, national security.”

The Defense Innovation Board is an independent advisory board set up to bring the technological innovation and best practices of Silicon Valley to the U.S.

Lowery used the letter to urge the board to advise the Secretary of Defense to investigate the “national strategic importance” of PoW systems like Bitcoin.

In his letter, Lowery explained that a proof-of-work system like Bitcoin could work to deter adversaries from cyberattacks due to the “steep costs” of a physically resource-intensive computer in the same way military assets help to deter military attacks against the country.

“Proof-of-work mirrors the physical security and deterrence strategies utilized in other domains like land, sea, air, and space,” but instead, it does it in the digital domain, Lowery explained.

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