Automated trading in a bull market, explained

What are the benefits of automated trading in the current market — and can they help mitigate volatility in unpredictable times? Our guide explains all.

What are the tools that TradeSanta offers?

The platform enables traders to connect their accounts to top exchanges, and set up a bot in under five minutes.

TradeSanta supports a wealth of long and short strategies, and enables technical indicators to be used so trades are opened at opportune moments. The company also says it paves the way for large volumes of crypto to be traded without impacting spot prices.

No two traders are the same, let alone their trading tactics. Preset bot templates are available — and as an alternative, customized strategies can also be built from scratch. Coupled with transparent analytics and notifications via Telegram, automated trading can deliver that all-important edge as the rollercoaster ride of 2021 continues.

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Can a trading bot replace a human?

Automated trading is designed to complement your activities rather than replace it.

A good analogy here is Tesla Autopilot. Although this system can steer, accelerate and brake with little involvement, drivers are still instructed to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road ahead of them.

The same applies with automated trading. Bots can buy or sell on your behalf, but it’s still important to check in on a regular basis — and make adjustments whenever the market changes course.

One upper hand that a trading bot can have over a human is the speed with which an order can be executed. Whenever quick movement is needed, automation can shave off a few precious seconds — maximizing the final outcome.

How can traders protect themselves against volatility in the market?

Razor-sharp technical analysis is only one piece of the puzzle… your traits matter too.

It’s important to set clear parameters — and ensure that you’re only trading what you’re prepared to lose.

Patience can also be a virtue. Instead of jumping at every market movement, it can be worth taking a step back, and handpicking the best opportunities that have the most potential. This will help ensure that you aren’t spread too thin, and you can keep track of everything that’s going on.

The crypto markets move 24/7, and so do TradeSanta’s bots. They can spring to action whenever there’s a surge in trading volumes at 3am, while you’re fast asleep. And if you take some well-earned time away from your computer screen — for a walk, a meal out or time with loved ones — automation means that trades can continue to be executed on your terms.

How can bots help in the event of a sudden downturn?

They can help you tackle a falling market with poise.

One tool championed by TradeSanta is the trailing stop-loss. This means that a normal stop-loss order doesn’t need to be set manually every time a market trend takes a turn against a trader’s favor — across both long and short positions.

For someone who is holding on to Bitcoin while it appreciates, adding a 10% trailing stop-loss ensures that the bot continues to track the cryptocurrency as it rises in value. An order will only be triggered when BTC falls by more than 10% from its latest peak — helping to lock in some of the profits that have been accrued. This can help mitigate some of the losses that could have been incurred if a normal stop-loss order was in force.

When using this order type, it’s crucial to ensure that an adequate trailing distance has been established. It’s not unusual for Bitcoin to fluctuate by 5% in a single day, and a small percentage may result in assets being liquidated before they continue to travel upward again.

Of course, a normal stop-loss order can still have its uses, allowing you to specify exactly how much loss you would be willing to tolerate if prices fall.

What are the benefits of automated trading?

Bots can help keep your carefully cultivated strategies on course.

Unpredictable markets can make us emotional — and tempt us into acting on impulse. Strategies that have been carefully devised can be thrown out the window with little contemplation, and this can have huge consequences.

Automated trading allows you to set clear parameters for when you want to enter and exit positions. Better still, bots can also react to the unexpected, and make adjustments in response to unexpected trading climates.

They can also help to reduce overtrading, where switching between ideas in quick succession risks amplifying losses. The best strategies are often concocted during times of calm, when we’ve had the opportunity to carefully consider the potential scenarios that lie ahead. With a bot, you’ll have an effective way of cutting losses and letting winners run.

How can automated trading help in the current market?

They can offer an extra layer of protection during times of volatility.

The crypto markets were not known for being predictable, even before the dramatic bull run. Bitcoin started the year at $29,000 and managed to double in value… all in the space of about six weeks. Depending on who you ask, the cryptocurrency’s sharp spike upward was surprising — or entirely to be expected.

No matter what your convictions are, it’s important to have safeguards in place that help protect your crypto. We live in a time where a 10% move can shed thousands of dollars from your position. Current trading patterns have resulted in periods of sideways movement punctuated by dramatic breakouts that can happen day or night.

Trading activity is increasing, and institutional adoption can result in sizable transactions having a big impact on Bitcoin’s price. Recent research from Bank of America suggested that it takes just $93 million worth of inflows to move BTC by 1% — and with other analysts likening the current market to a tinderbox, it’s essential for traders to have effective instruments at their disposal.

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