Bitcoin Ordinals have emerged as a novel way to enhance the functionality and use of Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency. By leveraging Bitcoin’s blockchain in a new and innovative manner, Ordinals bring unique value propositions and helps to revitalize Bitcoin’s developer community. What Are Bitcoin Ordinals? In simple terms, Bitcoin OrdinalsContinue Reading

According to Juan Otero, CEO of the crypto-native travel booking platform Travala, many mainstream companies that attempted to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for customer or user loyalty programs may have seized the opportunity prematurely. Otero argued that at the time, Web3 companies had not “even figured out the best waysContinue Reading

Malaysia’s Inland Revenue Board (IRB), in collaboration with the Royal Malaysia Police and Cybersecurity Malaysia (CSM), recently launched a special operation codenamed “Ops Token” to tackle tax revenue losses from cryptocurrency trading. The initiative, involving 38 personnel, was executed across 10 locations in the Klang Valley. This region encompasses theContinue Reading

New York Attorney General Letitia James has secured a $50 million settlement from cryptocurrency exchange Gemini for Earn program investors. This settlement ensures that all defrauded investors will fully recover the assets they invested but were unable to withdraw when the program collapsed. Additionally, Gemini is now banned from operatingContinue Reading