Although zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs are often considered complex to set up, Iva Wisher, co-founder of the Layer two platform Prom, argues that the technology’s unparalleled privacy, faster transaction finality, and overall efficiency outweigh any developmental complexity. Wisher, an early adopter of cryptocurrency, acknowledges that the industry is currently working toContinue Reading

The Bitcoin Policy Institute, a non-profit organization supporting bitcoin initiatives, has launched the Peer-to-Peer Rights Fund, a project seeking to protect bitcoin’s decentralized nature from regulatory overreach. The fund’s first objective is to aid in the defense of the founders of Samourai Wallet given the relevance of the case forContinue Reading

PRESS RELEASE. Stake Vault Network proudly introduces Mr. Xavier, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), whose strategic vision and expertise are pivotal in revolutionizing staking and node authentication within the blockchain industry. Mr. Xavier’s leadership is essential to the platform’s mission of enhancing security, efficiency, and scalability. Stake Vault Network atContinue Reading

Former U.S. President and presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign now accepts cryptocurrency donations through Coinbase Commerce. The new fundraising page enables federally permissible donors to contribute using any cryptocurrency supported by Coinbase Commerce. President Trump has championed reduced regulations and innovation in financial technology, contrasting with Democrats like Joe BidenContinue Reading’s decentralized exchange, Verse DEX, has launched the second wZANO-USDT farm, offering an impressive APY of up to 150%. For full details, including instructions, head over here. This initiative is the continuation of the integration of the privacy-focused ZANO token into the broader ecosystem, an essential development for cryptoContinue Reading

Michael Oliver, the proprietor of Momentum Structural Analysis (MSA) – a research firm specializing in detecting momentum-based movements – believes the recent gold bull market rally might differ from the other gold rallies. Oliver stated that due to several factors, not investing in gold could mean missing “what will likelyContinue Reading